Currently Mage Gauntlet is nearly flawless with only a few issues. It's possible that some of these bugs aren't up to date as they might have been fixed in updates.

  • After hitting something and immediately moving in the other direction, Lexi moonwalks. This has the effect of keeping the camera leaning towards the direction Lexi is facing.
  • If you use the Magekiller weapon, walk around with the special attack loaded, and meet a Mage Orc.... Lexi often freezes.
  • If you cast Shadow Bomb and press the attack button just as you disappear, you can render Lexi invisible except for her shadow. She will reappear if you enter a cutscene or cast spells. Keep in mind that you may have to try this several times to get the desired effect.
  • If you open a dropped chest just as you get killed, the notice for the item pops up, explains the item, and Lexi will still be alive. So you run around with zero health. If you get hit, you die. If you smash a health urn, it will still heal you.

Zero health glitch: Edit


Zero health and still alive.


  • Occasionally spawned zombies will get stuck behind walls. Keep in mind that if you don't kill them it doesn't effect the 3 star chance!
  • There are some grammatical errors. Not so many in the main story dialogs, but there are A LOT of errors in the hidden diaries you find in some levels in Master Mode. Some typos are now fixed in updates.

Grammatical error example: Edit

IMG 0617-1-

"and now my golems are have gone berserk"

Lexi Stuck behind Bookcase Edit

IMG 0063

Wander over to the bookcase on level 1 after Whitebeard decides to let you stay in his tower. Stuck!

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