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This is a chest where a hat that an enemy drops looks like.

There are currently 110 hats (including hatless/none and IAP) in the game.

Seeing as the number of hats featured in the game are great, this page will be split mainly into two parts - descriptions and images of the hats.

Hat DescriptionEdit

The monster/method of achieving the hats will be listed next to the name of the hat.

The drop rate for a hat is usually 1% per kill that a monster can drop in Story Mode, 3% per kill in Master Mode. All monsters in Story Mode only have 1 hat assigned to them. Nightmare monsters, only in Master Mode, carry all the different types of hats for the level you find them in.

If you're hat hunting, your best bet at finishing up your collection is by killing Nightmare monsters in Master Mode with the Rabbit's Foot equipped.



You'll never be a real wizard unless you wear some sort of hat. (No hat)
2 Ink Mask Just sort of taking an ink wraith and putting it over your head. (Dropped by Ink Wraith)
3 Ink Dome Lets you breathe underwater! Maybe? Maybe not. (Dropped by Nightmare Wraith)
4 Inky Shades Counters the sun's rays with inky gelatinous darkness and despair. (Dropped by Immortal Wraith)
5 Drudge Cap An extremely tiny and plain cloth hat. Smells immistakably like cheese. (Dropped by Drudge)
6 Drudge Hood The finest spellcaster's hood you can make in the burlap-sack price range. (Dropped by Drudge)
7 Drudge Hard Cap Protects your head just about as well as slightly hardened cloth can. (Dropped by Drudge)
8 Orc Visor Armors your eyes and nose with almost complete loss of your peripheral vision. (Dropped by Orc)
9 Orc Headgear Really seals in the orc sweat smell of the previous owner. (Dropped by Blood Orc)

Orc Horned Helm

Tiny horns were put on this helmet so that you know the wearer means business. (Dropped by Orc Chopper)
11 Stabber's Wrappings Perfect for stab-work, and really any other job related to stabbing. (Dropped by Orc Stabber)
12 Hag Cowl Ominous, and yet surprisingly comfortable. (Dropped by Orc Hag)
13 Hag Death Mask Made out of bleached wood, enchanted for that great purple glowing eye effect. (Dropped by Orc Hag)
14 Hag Hood Probably the most functional orc spellcaster headwear, but sadly, no purple glowy eyes. (Dropped by Orc Hag)
15 Champion Half-Helm Protects the crap out of your face, but WARNING: *leaves your chiin unarmored* (Dropped by Orc Champion)
16 Champion Iron Jaw Protects the crap out of your chin, but WARNING: *the rest of your face is unprotected* (Dropped by Orc Champion)
17 Champion's Full Helm Orc armorcrafters toiled for decades to make a helmet that's protective AND incredibly heavy. (Dropped by Orc Champion)
18 Slime Dome Welcome... to the Slime Dome!!! Can YOU survive? (Dropped by Green Slime)
19 Bomb Dome Easier to see through than previous domes, hopefully not still explosive. (Dropped by Bomb Slime)
20 Slime Shades Wow! You can't see anything at all through these! (Dropped by Speed Slime)
21 Bull Mask Charge headlong into danger, always. (Dropped by Bull Slime)
22 Mama Mask Fills you with a maternal instinct for acidic slime creatures. (Dropped by Mama Slime)
23 Curly Tail Hat "You may have conquered armies, but you're nothing to me till you bring me 10 curly boar tails!" (Dropped by Wild Pig)
24 Pig Mask Some Pig. (Dropped by Wild Pig)
25 Porcine Crown Probably given to you in exchange for killing 20 boars? We don't track the number. (Dropped by Boar)
26 Dire Tusks You don't know why boars grow tusks, they just seem to make eating and speakingd difficult. (Dropped by Dire Boar)
27 Helboar Toupee Popular among the rebel youth of the apprentice set. (Dropped by Hel Boar)
28 Pawn Helmet ***NO SOLICITORS*** (Dropped by Golem Pawn)
29 Knight Helmet Takes the angry appearance of some of Tetramont's golems and gives it to you. (Dropped by Golem Knight or Headless Knight)
30 Knight Visored Helm Visor clamps down in middle of combat, must be constantly reopened or fastened with string. (Dropped by Golem Knight or Headless Knight)
31 Knight Visage The face on this golem head looks rather downbeat. (Dropped by Golem Knight)
32 Bishop Helmet Resembles a mage's cowl, but cast in metal. (Dropped by Golem Bishop)
33 Bishop Metal Hood Wizard headwear made out of cloth is for little tiny babies. (Dropped by Golem Bishop)
34 Bishop Steel Mask An ostentatious mask, yet it really seems to suit you. (Dropped by Golem Bishop)
35 Rook Tower Helmet Crush all before you in an unstoppable onslaught, and then accidentally run into a wall and explode. (Dropped by Golem Rook)
36 Under Anger Mask The drudges have graduated to wooden crafts. (Dropped by Unterdrudge)
37 Under Sad Mask It's weird that a drudge made their war mask look so sad and flinchy. (Dropped by Unterdrudge)
38 Shaman Hood Looks impressive at first, then you realize it's a burlap hood with grape juice stains. (Dropped by Drudge Seer)
39 Blitz Sparkling Cap Makes the top of your head feel tingly and energetic! (Dropped by Blitz Drudge)
40 Blitz Crash Helm Creates spectacular, unprececedented levels of helmet hair. (Dropped by Blitz Drudge)
41 Uber War Mask The biggest and best drudge-punchers get the biggest and best war masks.
42 Rather Large Skull Whoever this guy was, he had an enormous head and rally thin skull. (Dropped by Skeleton)
43 Zombiefied Running around crypts has gotten your face all dusty and grumy. (Dropped by Zombie)
44 Wraith Mask Surprise twist ending spoilers: *You were a ghost the entire time*
45 Broad Crypt Helmet An unusually wide and unusually musty helmet.
46 Conical Crypt Helm A striking fashion statement, though it really does kind of wobble around on your head.
47 Plated Crypt Helm Despite being a helmet made hundreds of years ago and taken off a dead guy, looks and works great.
48 Cultist Hood Make your peripheral vision as dark and foreboding as your soul. (Dropped by Ashen Cultist)
49 Cultist Scarf It's not a turtleneck, it's a scarf! I mean, it's not a scarf either! Don't kick me out of the cult. (Dropped by Ashen Cultist)
50 Cultist Cap Really just kind of being lazy when it comes to demon cult dress code, but at least it's black. (Dropped by Ashen Cultist)
51 Cultist Skull Paint It's pretty hot in those volcanic temples, so going bald is a fairly wise decision. (Dropped by Ashen Cultist)
52 Demonic Horns Cultists are so envious of cult members that manage to earn their horns. (Dropped by Horned Demon)
53 Blue Demon Mask Being blue doesn't stop you from being an evil demon. (Dropped by Blue Demon)
54 Red Demon Mask Now you can hang out with demons! Just remember to act evil and no one will know any better! (Dropped by Red Demon)
55 Primal Mask Has a chance of turning into two masks if you somehow manage to cut it in half. (Dropped by Primal Slime)
56 Sprayer Dome Do not wear if it's still spraying acid. (Dropped by Sprayer Slime)
57 Gigantic Eye Ok, here's my idea for a helmet: One GIGANTIC eye! (Dropped by Floating Eye)
58 Triclops Does not provide further enlightenment or extra perception. Just sort of creepy, really.
59 Slime Peroxide An extremely popular hair dye in certain regal circles, and rather hard to harvest.
60 Blind Eye Helm Considering the previous owner, you're not sure why they bothered with eye holes.
61 Wide Eye Helm A tightly enclosed leather helmet worn for an unknown time by last owner, yet has no smell whatsoever.
62 Ring Eye Helm Lets only the tiniest amount of light in, but a real swordsman doesn't need to see. Well, maybe a little.
63 Quiet Hood A scarlet hood that completely envelopes your face in darkness.
64 Quiet Headband A rather plain piece of equipment, taken off a small invisible thing with no face.
65 Quiet Visor This tight fitting metal face-plate seems more like a torture instrument that protective wear.
66 Faceless Cowl Covered in tiny magical runes, you feel dangerous powers you can't harness.
67 Faceless Eye Blocks all light, but it doesn't matter. The eye rune sees for you.
68 Faceless Cap Sends short commands directly to your mind, in a language you don't understand.
69 Wailing Hood Best not to think too much about what you took this hood off of.
70 Lumpy Mask Don't ask what the lumps actually are. (Dropped by Fragile Wailer)
71 Chatter Mask Warning: This mask requires lost of tooth brushing to keep fresh and clean. (Dropped by Chatter Pile)
72 Drudgor's Hood A burlap hood that formerly belonged to some jerk. (Dropped by Drudgor)
73 Grekk's Eyepatch You don't need depth perception to be a great warrior. Quite the opposite. (Dropped by Grekk Skullpike)
74 Boarzin's Eye Collect 20 of these for some sort of tiny experience reward (Note: Don't actually try to do this). (Dropped by Boarzin)
75 Cranium Slime Slime perched on your head allows you to practice perfect poise. (Dropped by Slime Prince)
76 Golem King Helm Scaled down drastically from original size. (Dropped by Golem King)
77 Drudgor's Helm Makes top of skull completely impervious to physical damage, leaves rest of head wide open. (Dropped by Drudgor the Invincible)
78 Vataneba's Shroud Years of being dead did not hurt Vataneba's fashion sense. In fact, it only improved. (Dropped by Vataneba)
79 Uamuleth Visage Now you are the demons. (Dropped by Uamuleth)
80 Blorpx Eye Here's another idea for a helmet: An EVEN BIGGER eye! (Dropped by Blorpx)
81 Portal Seal Mask Taking off this hat will make invaders from the dark realm escape from your nostrils. (Dropped by the Portal Seal)
82 Phoenix Helm Finally! A frightening crimson helmet that is *constantly on fire*. (Available via IAP)
83 Jake's Fedora There is a prophecy of a man so fast, he never touches the ground. (Early buy - Limited)
84 Gunny's Bandanna Keeps your hair under control when you're flying around on a grappling hook. (Early buy - Limited)
85 Sandwich Hat The ultimate in sandwich dispensation. Need a sandwich? Bam, it's right there. (Early buy - Limited)
86 Jakob's Adventure Hat Wearing this makes you really hungry all of a sudden! Better steal some food from the local hermits. (Early buy - Limited)
87 Tara's Miner Cap The company didn't provide very good and protective headwear, but the goggles are nice. (Early buy - Limited)
88 Mort's Bear Hood Keeps your head warm and offends people that like bears. (Early buy - Limited)
89 Zelle's Wide Brim Stops the sun from destracting you from your target. (Early buy - Limited)
90 Gnomey Headwear Can *YOU* find the 12 secret gnomes? Hint: They're not in this game. (Early buy - Limited)
91 Apprentice Hood Earn stars by beating levels, especially with all enemies defeated and no lives lost. Get more to unlock pets! (15 stars)
92 Explorer Cap Rather dapper. (Received after discovering first secret area)
93 Seeker Guise No stone left unturned. (Received after finding all secret areas)
94 Press Hat This orc diary says that he caught a rabbut for dinner! What a scoop! (Received after achieving Dairy Snooper achievement)
95 Hapsgaff Crown A tiny hat is all that stands between Hapsgaff and total paranoid insanity. And now it's yours! (Received after getting 3 stars in all of the Slime Cave levels, both Story and Master Mode)
96 Arosh Shades Now YOU will assign the pointless, grindy "kill 20 boars, collect 10 boar tusk" quests! (Received after getting 3 stars in all of the Boarlands levels, both Story and Master Mode)
97 Tetra Tiara If Tetramont is in fact a powerful master crafter, you'd think she would have made a better hat. (Received after getting 3 stars in all of the Tetramont's Estate levels, both Story and Master Mode)
98 Whitebeard Hat Become a mage the easy way: Declare yourself one after stealing a cliche hat. (Received after getting 3 stars in all levels, both Story and Master Mode)
99 Mindshield

Crafted by a mad wizard. His final words: "Get out of my head, Charles!"

(? stars)
100 Veil of Azure Sands The deserts were formed by one determined person, name lost to time, who simply smashed *everything* (Received after unlocking the Environment Milestone 3 achievement)
101 Snake Princess Cowl If Lexi knew that there was a "Snake Princess" title she'd just abandon her goals and go for that instead. (20 stars)
102 Champion's Heaume It's a pretty nice helmet, sure, but is there something even better? (Received by starting Master Mode)
103 Crown of Heroes Now that's a crown. (Received by completing Master Mode)
104 Mummy Wrapping Some kind of forward-thinking mummy, that destroys everything before it can be stolen by explorers. (? stars)
105 Wreath of the Conjurer When you're this powerful, you don't need a functioning hood or cap. (Received after unlocking the Combat Milestone 3 achievement)
106 Magister's Tiara A tiara feared by all enemies. (Received after starting The Undergarden (Master))
107 Pupil's Cap All pupils have to wear this cap. Also they have to practice amusing juggling tricks. (? stars)
108 Star Wizard Hat A hat infused with a tiny, tiny pinch of the powers of the cosmos! (? stars)
109 Thunder Sedge Hat You're an elemental force of inanimate object destruction. (? stars)
110 Spy Shroud There exists an ancient, secret society dedicated to stealing and then reading everyone's diaries. (Received after unlocking the Shadow Sleuth achievement)

Hat PicturesEdit

1. None

2 Ink Mask

2. Ink Mask

3 Ink Dome

3. Ink Dome

4 Inky Shades

4. Inky Shades

5 Drudge Cap

5. Drudge Cap

6 Drudge Hood

6. Drudge Hood

7 Drudge Hard Cap

7. Drudge Hard Cap

8 Orc Visor

8. Orc Visor

9 Orc Headgear

9. Orc Headgear

10 Orc Horned Helm

10. Orc Horned Helm

11 Stabber's Wrappings

11. Stabber's Wrappings

12 Hag Cowl

12. Hag Cowl

13 Hag Death Mask

13. Hag Death Mask

14 Hag Hood

14. Hag Hood

15 Champion Half-Helm

15. Champion Half-Helm

16 Champion Iron Jaw

16. Champion Iron Jaw

17 Champion's Full Helm

17. Champion's Full Helm

18 Slime Dome

18. Slime Dome

19 Bomb Dome

19. Bomb Dome

20 Slime Shades

20. Slime Shades

21 Bull Mask

21. Bull Mask

22 Mama Mask

22. Mama Mask

23 Curly Tail Hat

23. Curly Tail Hat

24 Pig Mask

24. Pig Mask

25 Porcine Crown

25. Porcine Crown

26 Dire Tusks

26. Dire Tusks

27 Helboar Toupee

27. Helboar Toupee

28 Pawn Helmet

28. Pawn Helmet

29 Knight Helmet

29. Knight Helmet

30 Knight Visored Helm

30. Knight Visored Helm

31 Knight Visage

31. Knight Visage

32 Bishop Helmet

32. Bishop Helmet

33 Bishop Metal Hood

33. Bishop Metal Hood

34 Bishop Steel Mask

34. Bishop Steel Mask

35 Rook Tower Helmet

35. Rook Tower Helmet

36 Under Anger Mask

36. Under Anger Mask

37 Under Sad Mask

37. Under Sad Mask

38 Shaman Hood

38. Shaman Hood

39 Blitz Sparkling Cap

39. Blitz Sparkling Cap

40 Blitz Crash Helm

40. Blitz Crash Helm

41 Uber War Mask

41. Uber War Mask

42 Rather Large Skull

42. Rather Large Skull

43 Zombiefied

43. Zombiefied

44 Wraith Mask

44. Wraith Mask

45 Broad Crypt Helmet

45. Broad Crypt Helmet

46 Conical Crypt Helm

46. Conical Crypt Helm

47 Plated Crypt Helm

47. Plated Crypt Helm

48 Cultist Hood

48. Cultist Hood

49 Cultist Scarf

49. Cultist Scarf

50 Cultist Cap

50. Cultist Cap

51 Cultist Skull Paint

51. Cultist Skull Paint

52 Demonic Horns

52. Demonic Horns

53 Blue Demon Mask

53. Blue Demon Mask

54 Red Demon Mask

54. Red Demon Mask

55 Primal Mask

55. Primal Mask

56 Sprayer Dome

56. Sprayer Dome

57 Gigantic Eye

57. Gigantic Eye

58 Triclops

58. Triclops

59 Slime Peroxide

59. Slime Peroxide

60 Blind Eye Helm

60. Blind Eye Helm

61 Wide Eye Helm

61. Wide Eye Helm

62 Ring Eye Helm

62. Ring Eye Helm

63 Quiet Hood

63. Quiet Hood

64 Quiet Headband

64. Quiet Headband

65 Quiet Visor

65. Quiet Visor

66 Faceless Cowl

66. Faceless Cowl

67 Faceless Eye

67. Faceless Eye

68 Faceless Cap

68. Faceless Cap

69 Wailing Hood

69. Wailing Hood

70 Lumpy Mask

70. Lumpy Mask

71 Chatter Mask

71. Chatter Mask

72 Drudgor's Hood

72. Drudgor's Hood

73 Grekk's Eyepatch

73. Grekk's Eyepatch

74 Boarzin's Eye

74. Boarzin's Eye

75 Cranium Slime

75. Cranium Slime

76 Golem King Helm

76. Golem King Helm

77 Drudgor's Helm

77. Drudgor's Helm

78 Vataneba's Shroud

78. Vataneba's Shroud

79 Uamuleth Visage

79. Uamuleth Visage

80 Blorpx Eye

80. Blorpx Eye

81 Portal Seal Mask

81. Portal Seal Mask

82 Phoenix Helm

82. Phoenix Helm

83 Jake's Fedora

83. Jake's Fedora

84 Gunny's Bandanna

84. Gunny's Bandanna

85 Sandwich Hat

85. Sandwich Hat

86 Jakob's Adventure Hat

86. Jakob's Adventure Hat

87 Tara's Miner Cap

87. Tara's Miner Cap

88 Mort's Bear Hood

88. Mort's Bear Hood

89 Zelle's Wide Brim

89. Zelle's Wide Brim

90 Gnomey Headwear

90. Gnomey Headwear

91 Apprentice Hood

91. Apprentice Hood

92 Explorer Cap

92. Explorer Cap

93 Seeker Guise

93. Seeker Guise

94 Press Hat

94. Press Hat

95 Hapsgaff Crown

95. Hapsgaff Crown

96 Arosh Shades

96. Arosh Shades

97 Tetra Tiara

97. Tetra Tiara

98 Whitebeard Hat

98. Whitebeard Hat

99 Mindshield

99. Mindshield

100 Veil of Azure Sands

100. Veil of Azure Sands

101 Snake Princess Cowl

101. Snake Princess Cowl

102 Champion's Heaume

102. Champion's Heaume

103 Crown of Heroes

103. Crown of Heroes

104 Mummy Wrapping

104. Mummy Wrapping

105 Wreath of the Conjurer

105. Wreath of the Conjurer

106 Magister's Tiara

106. Magister's Tiara

107 Pupil's Cap

107. Pupil's Cap

108 Star Wizard Hat

108. Star Wizard Hat

109 Thunder Sedge Hat

109. Thunder Sedge Hat

110 Spy Shroud

110. Spy Shroud

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