A new mushroom-monster class we're adding to the upcoming spinoff. Many of the monsters will be reused ones from Mage Gauntlet, though we're changing the attacks and AI of a good amount of them. We're also adding a new difficulty-tier to each monster. There will be normal and nightmare monsters, like in MG, then a third new, even harder version.

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Mushroom-monster class

Here's some sprites for new monsters we're making in Mage Dungeon. Last count for new monsters was about 40, not including harder variants (like the enemies in Mage Gauntlet Master Mode). Hard variants bumps this number up to 80.

General levels will populate the rooms from a pool of 8 monster types, 16 at higher difficulties due to hard and ultra variants. This doesn't include special enemies, that may show up in special themed rooms. Or rare enemies, that may just show up one out of 100 games.

Enemies pictured, in order from left to right -
Top Row (Bronze Tier 6/8): Glume Miner, Glume Prospector, Rockworm, Bat, Firefly, Foreman.
Middle Row (Spider Theme 4/5): Tiny Spider, Spider, Egg Carrier, Webomancer
Bottom Row (Misc): Wraith, Lost Warrior, Castle Guard

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Some monsters - See description

Concept for first boss. He waits at the end of the bronze dungeon, guarding the entrance to the silver castle.

In the upcoming spinoff, bosses will mostly be around the size of the orc boss that was in Mage Gauntlet, maybe a little bigger. We found that the huge bosses in Mage Gauntlet restricted what we could do with them. This was mostly due to the small vertical size of the iPhone screen. We will make sure we do at least one enormous boss, though.

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First boss

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