Lexi has three attributes (and a fourth hidden one) that you can raise by leveling. Although each level does not grant much of a change by itself, getting levels is reasonably quick early on and the eventual bonus can be very substantial. Additionally, some bonuses can be amplified by certain items or spells.

The maximum for each attribute is 25, making for a level cap of 75.

Official stats Edit

Magic Edit

  • Each level adds +2% magic effect and +1% magic crit chance.
  • Maxed out grants you +50% effect, which is like a crit with every spell.

Vigor Edit

  • Each level adds +1% energy regen and -1% ability cost.
  • Maxed out will let you dash 6 times before running out of energy (3 times is how you start out).

Luck Edit

  • Each level adds +.4% melee crit and +.4% magic crit.
  • Maxed out grants +10% to each crit. With a Ultralucky spell, this grants +110% crit.

Unofficial/joke stats Edit

Stealth Edit

  • Makes enemies harder to spot the player.
  • This stat is only given to the player by the Ghost pet. (Note that Stealth is not the official name, the stat is only referred to as "-2 for sights of all enemies".

Rainbow and Friendship Edit

  • Most likely a joke stat. This stat is only given to the player by Gnomey. (pet) It is unknown what effect they actually have on the player.

Note that you start with 5% base crit for melee and magic. So your maximum critical from stats alone is 30% melee and 55% magic. This can still be enhanced by items and spells.

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