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|[[File:1_Wooden_Staff.png|thumb|73px|Wooden Staff]]

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Equipment Menu.

There are a total of 15 weapons, 19 robes, 15 trinkets, and 20 pets in the game. IAP items are included.


1 Wooden Staff

Wooden Staff

Wooden Staff
A simple wooden staff for a would-be apprentice.
Basic starting weapon, no bonus. Deals about 1/8th damage of any other weapon.
2 Steel Sword

Steel Sword

Steel Sword
Cuts and stabs things pretty good, but so plain.
3 Hungry Blade

Hungry Blade

Hungry Blade
Defeating an enemy with this has a small chance to restore half a heart, up to six times per level.
4 Desperate Edge

Desperate Edge

Desperate Edge
Your chance to do double damage increases up to twice normal, for both melee and spells, the more you're hurt!
5 Gambler's Cut

Gambler's Cut

Gambler's Cut
Defeating any enemy with this has a small chance of giving you a spell, up to three times per level!
6 Glowing Sword

Glowing Sword

Glowing Sword

Carrying this makes the indirect bufing spells three times more common, and defeating enemies extends buff duration by two seconds!
7 Magekiller


This sword has a 30% chance to do double damage when attacking specific types of spellcasting humanoid enemies.
8 Punishment


A little slow, but bashing an enemy that is about to do a special ability has a 20% chance to do both a knockdown and double damage!
9 Corruption


Oozes a stinging venom. Has a 12% chance to poison an enemy, which will briefly slow them before causing damage and knockdown!
10 Heavy Cleaver

Heavy Cleaver

Heavy Cleaver
So heavy it slows down your attacks; so heavy it hits 50% harder! Can defeat some enemies in a single swing!
11 End of Hope

End of Hope

End of Hope
Hitting an enemy as they try to attack will delay them longer than with other swords! Also has a 10% chance to do double damage in a counterattack.
12 Giantslayer


Hit an enemy three or more times with this axe for 40% more damage until it's defeated! Best used on enemies with lots of health.
Found at the end of boss level of The Boarlands (Master)
13 Crystal Staff

Crystal Staff

Crystal Staff
An ancient staff with a strange purple crystal attached to it. Can't get normal sword criticals, and yet...
Found along the alternate route of the gold level of Ruin Crossing (Master)
14 King's Wager

King's Wager

King's Wager
A mysterious sword, once wielded by a king with a severe gambling problem! Usually does 20% less damage, but...
Found at the end of boss level of Orc Forest (Master)

IAP - Inferno Blade - Makes explosions instead of crits. Explosions act like spells, and are affected by spell upgrades as well as are capable of getting spell crits.


  1. Apprentice Robe - Starting Robe, no bonus.
  2. Cloth of Cold - 55% increased crit chance to Frost Shards spell.
  3. Singe Trappings - 55% increased crit chance to Fireball spell.
  4. Sour Frock - 55% increased crit chance to Acid Cloud spell.
  5. Charged Rig - 55% increased crit chance to Lightning Storm spell.
  6. Earthen Garb - 55% increased crit chance to Earth Spike spell.
  7. Bright Smock - 55% increased crit chance to Beam of Light spell.
  8. Shady Duds - 55% increased crit chance to Shadow Bomb spell.
  9. Azure Blouse - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Frost Shards crit bonus.
  10. Pyre Garment - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Fireball crit bonus.
  11. Venom Tunic - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Acid Cloud crit bonus.
  12. Thunder Gown - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Lightning Storm crit bonus.
  13. Terrane Habit - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Earth Spike crit bonus.
  14. Argent Raiment - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Beam of Light crit bonus.
  15. Umbra Dress - 5% spell crit bonus, 2% melee crit bonus, 20% Shadow Bomb crit bonus. (Found at the beginning of the Homunculus Bunker in Story Mode.)
  16. Battlemage Armor - 5% melee crit bonus, 10% more energy regeneration. (Found at the end of Ashen Cult of Master Mode.)
  17. Archmage Mantle - 10% crit bonus to ALL spells, 10% more spell damage. (Found at the end of Temple of Blorpx in Master Mode.)
  18. Husk of the Lich - 10% melee crit bonus, 10% spell crit bonus. (Will lose 1 heart when equipped.)

IAP - Firecharge Vest - Increases area hit by charge attack.


  1. Arcane Heart - Adds one heart to each life (4 hearts, 4 lives, 16 hearts total).
  2. Demon's Ring - Makes Fireball and Shadow Bomb much more common.
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  3. Whitebeard Ring - Makes Frost Shards and Chain Zap somewhat more common.
  4. Pelli Idol - Makes Acid Cloud and Light Beam more common.
  5. Broken Watch - Makes Time Circle appear extremely frequently.
  6. Strange Rock - Makes Earth Spike more common. (Found at the end of the Garden in Master Mode.)
  7. Old Pendant - Increases duration of all buff spells by 50%.
  8. Rabbit's Foot - Subtly increases luck (crit chance). (This has been changed in update version 1.2 to increase the hat drop rate to be 5 times more likely.)
  9. Ring of the Zealot - Makes Shield, Silence, and Sword Fury spells much more common. (This has been changed in update version 1.2 to revive the player with an additional spell and one and a half hearts.)
  10. Love Charm - Makes Summon Spells much more common.
  11. Lich's Foot - Not-so-subtly increases luck (crit chance), but decreases fortitude. (Removes one heart from each life: two hearts per life, 8 total.)
  12. Rage Talisman - No magic crits or rare spells, but more melee crits. (Found at the end of the Undergarden in Master Mode.)
  13. Mage's Folly - Get 1/5 of your energy bar back if you dash or charge through an enemy projectile. (Found at the end of the Slime Cave in Master Mode.)
  14. Cursed Skull - Decreases the chance of criticals, but instead of doing double damage they now do quadruple. (Found at the end of the secret path in Homunculus Bunker 1 in Master Mode.)

IAP - Phoenix Feather - When you lose all your hearts you are fully regenerated plus an explosion goes off! Only works the first time you "die" per level. This "death" does not count against you for earning stars, effectively giving you 6 hearts instead of 3.


  1. Rat - +1 Luck.
  2. Kitten - +1 Magic.
  3. Puppy - +1 Vigor.
  4. Pig - +2 Magic.
  5. Slime - +2 Luck.
  6. Fairy - +2 Vigor.
  7. Croc - +1% Melee Crit, +1 Vigor.
  8. Sprite - +2% Magic Crit, +1 Magic. (Unlocks at 110 stars.)
  9. Ghost - +2 Stealth. (Unlocks at 130 stars.)
  10. Chicken - -10% Energy cost to Dash. Stacks with Vigor. (Unlocks somewhere past 180 stars.)
  11. Slug - +2 Vigor, +2 Magic, -2 Luck. (Unlocks at 150 stars.)
  12. Crab - +2% Melee Crit. (Unlocks somewhere past 170 stars.)
  13. Monkey - +4 Vigor, -3 Magic.
  14. Bear - +3% Melee Crit, -3 Vigor.
  15. Magic Cat - +4 Magic.
  16. Murder Dog - +3 Vigor, +1 Luck. (Unlocks at 270 stars.)
  17. Omen Pig - +4 Luck. (Unlocks at 280 stars.)
  18. Death Duck - -15% Energy cost to Dash. Stacks with Vigor. (Unlocks at 290 stars.)
  19. Gnomey - +2 to Rainbows and Friendship. (Unlocks after finding Gnomey 5 times by smashing objects, 1/1000 chance of finding him once.)

IAP - Rocketcat - +2 All stats, +1% All criticals.

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